The Alarm!

I found out the day before they came here that THE ALARM was playing here!  My friend  James Stevenson (in the picture with me) always lets me know these things at the last minute…he didn’t contact me until the day of!


I’m not going to review the gig but I am going to say that The Alarm puts on an absolutely incredible show!  I’ve only seen them twice and really feel like I’ve been missing out!  Mike Peters is such a fab showman, and the band is solid.

If you’re not familiar with James Stevenson, he has been the guitarist for Gene Loves Jezebel (my all-time favorite band) since 1986.  He’s been with The Alarm since 1998.  He’s played with The Cult, Chelsea, International Swingers, and Holy Holy (David Bowie tribute supergroup) to name a few!

If you don’t know about Mike Peters’ Love Hope Strength foundation, you should check it out!  You might be able to save someone’s life.  I’m signing up to volunteer at concerts 🙂

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